How To Choose Cheap Web Hosting

Choosing web hosting is not an easy task. The competition is huge, the comparison is difficult and hosting plans seem to be cheap. But the price should not be the main objective. Hosting is needed to reliably host web pages. Web pages are stored on the web server which is a dedicated computer for storing and serving pages. Once you upload pages to the web server you expect that all the files will remain there and the website will be available without any interruption.

However, practice shows that computers fail. If a web server fails all the websites that are served from it are not accessible. Therefore, every hosting company has some kind of maintenance and support to deal with such cases. This is the point where hosting offers start to differ significantly. Unfortunately, from the sales page, you will not be able to figure out exactly how responsive the support is. Most companies offer 99.9% up time. But this does not answer all questions regarding reliability. A common problem is that the server works but your website is still inaccessible. In such cases, nobody except you will inform the hosting company about the problem. If the company offering to host is responsive and cares about their customers the reported problem will be analyzed in a matter of minutes. Depending on the cause of the problem they will offer you help to bring the website online as soon as possible.
Reliability and good support are the first things you should look for. If your website will be offline too many times you will loose visitors and consequently any income that may come from the website. In some cases, it will be your fault for something not working properly. Good internet company with skilled personnel will help you to locate the problem and will advise on possible solutions.

The following advice can help you to select the appropriate hosting for your websites.

Free Web Hosting

Avoid them. If you can not afford few dollars per month for a professional service then it doesn’t make sense to put any effort into the website. The offer is attractive, but there are usually some strict terms that define additional conditions in order to have free hosting.

Unlimited Everything

Many hosting offers include a unlimited number of domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, etc. In general, this is a good offer because in many cases you will need hosting for more than just one domain or website. But you have to understand what unlimited means. A web server is a physical machine with limitations and it is used to host few hundred websites. You will be able to host many domains, just don’t expect that you will be able to occupy all the resources of the server.

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