We’re Learning How to Run a Successful Business Online and off

When my wife’s father passed, her mother asked if we would be willing to take over the bakery that her mom and dad ran for 40 years. Wow, what a surprise that was for us! Suddenly, we were making completely different career planss. We set up social media sites, found out how to buy Instagram followers, how to post tweets that would keep customers interested and anything else we could do to bring the bakery into the current Internet world! We had no idea that my mother-in-law was going to give us the bakery. My spouse and I had both been working at dead-end jobs for years, so we jumped at the chance to accept the amazing opportunity we had been given.

I worked as a mechanic for many years. My wife worked at a pre-school. Neither of us had a chance to become managers or move up the career ladder. Both of us found ourselves dreading going back to our jobs each day. However, neither of us know what we should do to change the situation. My wife’s parents had owned the family bakery since before she was born, and she had thought about working there. She had worked there in high school and loved it. After her dad died, she wondered if her mother would need help at some point. So, it was a big surprise when her mother came to us and said she didn’t want to run it by herself anymore.

We ended up quitting our dead end jobs immediately, and now we spend time together every day being trained by her mom on how to run the business. We’re learning so much, and we really enjoy everything about the work. At night, we come home and work on our social media pages for the business. My mother-in-law has been surprised to see just how many new customers we now have thanks to marketing through social media with pictures and interesting posts.

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